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Julian C.

A voyage through uplifting melodies and dark, hypnotic grooves, Julya's music tells what words cannot...

Brooklyn-based DJ & producer, Julya Karma, has quickly become an unstoppable force in the house and techno scene. Her prowess as a selector and infectious energy in the booth has consistently delivered utter elation on dance floors across North America, including The Brooklyn Mirage, Time Warp, Mayan Warrior, and Bar Americas, appearing alongside heavy-hitting artists like Rüfüs du Sol, Adriatique, Sven Väth, Dixon, Ame, Innellea, Mind Against, and Monolink.

Julya's influences stem from learning classical piano at the age of 6, and from her early exposure to indie and psychedelic rock, traditional Middle Eastern music, and jazz. These diverse influences combined with her music curating obsession translate into her very dynamic DJ sets, where she aims to take her audience on an unexpected journey that is both outward and introspective, weaving moving melodies, driving basslines, and stimulating progressions to create her own individual, yet universally understandable sound.

Julya is endlessly inspired by music's ability to bring us to higher levels of consciousness, and to tell us stories about the gift of life and being - she aims to create music and experiences that do just that. With her first release, Eye of the Storm, out on Radikon, and a big second release, ‘Hypnotized’ out on RÜFÜS DU SOL's Rose Avenue, Julya's exciting journey is just beginning.





Julya Karma

09/16/23: X BY ADRIATIQUE, Brooklyn Mirage   (NYC)

08/29/23: Burning Man (Reno)
08/05/23: Audio SF (San Francisco)

08/04/23: Framework (Los Angeles, CA)
07/21/23: Brooklyn Mirage    (NYC)
07/08/23: Katerblau    (Berlin, Germany)
07/07/23: Naturklang   (Zurich, Switzerland)
06/24/23: The Concourse Project   (Austin, TX)
05/28/23: FNGRSCRSSD   (San Diego, CA)
04/14/23: Avant Gardner w/Adriatique & Mathame   (NYC)
04/01/23: Dinsmoor   (Mexico City, Mex)
03/31/23: Disco Radar   (Aguascalientes, Mex)
03/30/23: Bar Americas   (Guadalajara, Mex)
03/24/23: Reactor Festival   (Panama)
02/11/23: Superior Ingredients w/Cassian   (NYC)
01/03/23: SET Underground   (Tulum)
11/19/22: TIME WARP + Teksupport   (NYC)
10/29/22: Mezcal Amares   (Puebla, Mex)
10/15/22: Incendia   (Guaadalajara, Mex)
09/17/22: Knockdown Center w/ Âme   (NYC)
08/30/22: Mayan Warrior, Burning Man   (Reno)
07/01/22: Mayan Warrior x Maxa, Crania   (Baja,Mex)
06/25/22: Disco Radar   (Aguascalientes, Mex)
06/24/22: Dinsmoor   (Mexico City, Mex)
06/23/22: Bar Americas   (Guadalajara, Mex)
06/11/22: RUFUS DU SOL at Brooklyn Mirage   (NYC)
05/22/22: Konnekted at The Midway   (San Francisco)
05/07/22: Cityfox Regenerate, Brooklyn Mirage   (NYC)
05/06/22: Tierra Bomba @ Crania   (Baja, Mex)

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